OSA103F hardware

PCB assembly drawing and circuit diagram


OSA-6G module
FRA and spectrum analyzer frequency range extension

FRA Mode
Frequency range: 24 MHz … 6.2 GHz.
Generator output level: 0 dBm.
Mixer unit transfer ratio (from RF Input to IF Output): 0 dB.
IF bandwidth: 100 kHz … 25 MHz.
Recommended setting for IF frequency: 21.405 MHz.
Dynamic range (over the entire frequency range, with RBW 22 Hz): >95 dB.
Initial overall flatness before calibration (over the entire frequency range): <2.5 dB.

Spectrum Analyzer Mode
Frequency range – 37 MHz … 6.2 GHz
Span – 25 MHz … 6 GHz (8 values)
RBW frequency resolution – 6 kHz … 360 kHz (7 values)
Dynamic range at RBW 6 kHz – 80 dB
Scanning speed at RBW 360 kHz – 6 GHz / s

 OSA_6G_Hardware_2  OSA_6G_bot_2


 PCB layout and schematic diagram


6G-VNA module
Vector antenna analyzer, single port VNA frequency range extension

Frequency range: 25 MHz … 6.2 GHz
Directivity after OSL calibration (over the entire frequency range) >45 dB

 6G_VNA_Hardware   6G_VNA_bot

6G_VNA_shield_2   6G_VNA_shield_1   6G_VNA_bot_a

Typical 6G-VNA directivity.

Typical 6G-VNA directivity.

PCB layout and schematic diagram

OSA103 Mini hardware

OSA103 Mini discontinued


OSA103_Mini_Hardware_SMA OSA103_Mini_SMA_bot       OSA_6G_connect_3

PCB layout and schematic diagram

OSA103 Mini acrylic case

osa103_case  6G_case  OSA103_OSA_6G_VNA


Block diagram for OSA103 Mini transceiver mode



Extension of the frequency range up to 500 MHz for FRA and antenna analyzer modes
(homemade add-on)

The device in the FRA and AA modes can operate on harmonics of the generator signal. To obtain a high level of harmonics in the spectrum, you can use a rectangular pulse shaper using digital logic from the LVC family. The fast slew rate of the ICs provides a high level of odd harmonics in the output signal even at high frequencies. When working with these modules, both jumpers are set to position 1-2. Please note that working at harmonics is a compromise. Using OSA-6G and 6G-VNA modules will give you significantly better results and a wider frequency range.

FRA-500M module

FRA_500M_top  FRA_500M_bot  FRA_500M_connection

AA-500M module

AA_500M_top  AA_500M_bot  AA_500M_connection

PCB layout and schematic diagram 


Operation without switching jumpers J1, J2
(homemade add-on)

This module is designed to operate the device without switching jumpers. Both jumpers are permanently set to position 1-2. In the software settings, the option “Menu-> Settings-> Advanced Settings-> Jumper Free Device” is turned on. The module is used in antenna analyzer, LC meter and reflectometer modes.

AA-100M JF module

AA_100M_JF_top  AA_100M_JF_bot  AA_100M_JF_connection

PCB layout and schematic diagram 


High impedance FET probe
(homemade add-on)

Input impedance – 1 MOhms || 3 pF
Attenuation ratio – 1x (one-to-one)

Frequency range (-3 dB) – 1 кHz … 800 MHz
Unipolar power supply – +5 V

 FET_top  FET_bot  FET_connection

PCB layout and schematic diagram