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OSA103 Mini discontinued

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Measuring device OSA103F
Measuring device OSA103 Mini

DDC / DUC transceiver based on OSA103 Mini.

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OSA103 Mini (in Russian)

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OSA103m mini ham radio lab
OSA103 up to 6 GHz

Video from Yevgeni Kolganov RZ3QS

OSA103 Mini – Nyquist zones.
PREAMP ATT OSA103 – external probes, attenuators.
OSA103 mini IMD3 TX – transmitter signal measurement.
OSA103mini relay switching time – measurement of relay switching time.
OSA103mini HDSDR CW BW100 – operation of the device as a receiver with HDSDR.
HDSDR QSO 2 m – operation of the device as a receiver with HDSDR.
OSA103 mini the first SSB QSO
OSA103 remove jumper, expand the frequency range

OSA103 Mini. Measurement of SWR at the input RX
OSA103 Mini rx 66.66 kHz frequency reference distance 500 km
Osa103 Mini measure gain and NF LNA

Osa103mini Osa-6G 10 GHz
Osa103 Osa-6G transverter 5760 MHz/430 MHz by R3GC
Osa103 Osa-6G shift for through amplitude-frequency characteristic

Video from ViVackiH

OSA 103mini + ZeusRadio – operation of the device as a receiver with ZeusRadio.


Examples of OSA103 Mini waveforms, spectrograms and graphs

Examples – pvd, pvs files. Can be opened in the software.

Description of the examples, in Russian