OSA103_Mini_Hardware OSA103_mini_BNC_bot


PCB layout and schematic diagram


OSA-6G module
(FRA frequency range extension)

 OSA_6G_Hardware   OSA_6G_bot


OSA_6G_connect       OSA_6G_ASet

 PCB layout and schematic diagram


Acrylic case



Block diagram for transceiver mode



Extension of the frequency range up to 500 MHz for FRA and antenna analyzer modes
(homemade add-on)

The device in the FRA and AA modes can operate on the harmonics of the generator signal (software version 3.12 or higher). To obtain a high level of harmonics in the spectrum, you can use a rectangular pulse shaper made on a digital logic element of the LVC family. The fast slew rate of the ICs provides a high level of odd harmonics in the output signal even at high frequencies.


Freq_Mult_Sch  Freq_Mult_PCB  Freq_Mult_Ref

Freq_Mult_1    Freq_Mult_2    Freq_Mult_3    Freq_Mult_4    

AA_500MHz    AA_500MHz_dev    Time_Domain    Smith_Chart


High impedance FET probe
(homemade add-on)

High-speed (500 MHz) FET operational amplifier OPA653 is used. Attenuation ratio – 1x (one-to-one), input capacitance is about 4 pF.

HiZ_Probe_Sch  HiZ_Probe_PCB_1  HiZ_Probe_Top

HiZ_Probe_Bot    HiZ_Probe